Design Tools Used​​​​​​​
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Trello.

My Roles
Creative & Art Direction, Motion Design, Project Management and Branding.

Team Members
Alex Schiopu, Jade Greggory, Asmita Rajendran, Ilya Gubkin.
The Brief
Product a conceptual prototype that showcases the futuristic vision, user experience, features, and brand for a product you have designed. The product must exist in the distant future, appeal to tech geeks, and fit into one of the following categories: Medical Monitoring, Dating, Sports, or Transportation.
1. A brand identity for the product with animated logo.
2. A 30 second motion piece that showcases the vision, UX, features, and brand for a product you have designed.
3. A mock-up of a single scrollable web landing page to generate excitement and interest for your product.

Product Overview
Emrys is a futuristic user interface designed to allow people with medical problems to control nanobots inside their body.
Nanobots are an emerging technology field, they are microscopic robots the size of cells that live inside our bodies. They use a propulsion system, sensors, manipulators and dispensers to maintain or heal the human body in a non-invasive way. 
The product is delivered in the form of a pill. The pill releases nanobots that scan the user's entire system, merge with the user's biology to display an interactive interface in the user's field of view.

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