Design Tools Used
Adobe Xd.

Page Navigation
Wikipedia articles are made of numerous subsections. Currently, their strategy is to make each of these selections collapsible. This gives the user the opportunity to only read one section at a time. However, after a couple of sections have been opened, the user loses a sense of the overall structure of the page.

Scroll Fatigue
Wikipedia articles can have quite a lot of content for the user to read. Scrolling from the top to the bottom of the page can be very tedious and take a really long time. There needs to be an easier way to navigate the page by jumping from section to section.

Image Gallery & Homepage
Within each article, the mobile version of Wikipedia only shows the very first image of the page. A gallery for browsing photos would be a good addition. On top of that, the home page feels like an afterthought, it is poorly organized and visually unexciting.

Menu Accessibility
For my redesign, I put a lot of thought into how I would organize the elements on the screen to be as accessible as possible. Considering the laws of thumb reach-ability, I tried to keep the most important actions reachable in the middle and bottom of the screen. The only interactive elements that do not follow these rules are contextual parts of the page.

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